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We were supposed to be writing today. Th

Kimmy was sho exshited about starting seventh grade. She'd finally be going to school with her cousin and best friend, Becky. Kimmy couldn't wait to start new classes and make new friends. Not only was she looking forward to what the new school year would bring, Kimmy was also a rockstar at her local comic shop. She was set to win a spot in the regional Magic: The Gathering tournament scheduled for the following summer. Things were looking up for Kimmy Livengood...until she started finding all the bodies. 
Will Detectives Jones and Finnigan solve the case? Will the killer be caught before it's too late? Should baking be considered science? Will Kimmy earn a spot in the tournament...or die trying?

With Kory Klein behind bars, the residents of Spring Valley can finally let out a sigh of relief...or can they? Kimmy and her crew are having sho much fun preparing for the Winter Wonderland Extravaganza. The day has FINALLY arrived and the Livengoods, looking sickening, join their friends and their community at the Spring Valley Park. When tragedy strikes, the residents of Spring Valley are straight up shook. With the help of her friends, old and new, Kimmy deals with the lose of a neighbor and her babysitting gig. 
Meanwhile, the case against Kory Klein begins to unravel like one of Dan's sweaters, leaving Detectives Carl Jones and Jake Finnigan scrambling to bring justice to their otherwise peaceful town.
Brimming with that signature Lynx & LeRoux humor you've come to love, Winter: An Ermahgerd Merstery is sure to please.

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For years Charlaine has been fascinated by the journals belonging to her grandmother Lorraine Dupoix. Lorraine "Lorrie" Dupoix, famed folklorist, spent years tracking down folklore creatures from all over the globe to learn more about them and the people who believe in them. Finally, on her 35th birthday, Granny Lorrie passed down the text so Charlaine could retrace her grandmother's footsteps through swampland, forest, snow-covered mountains, rain forest, and Chicago hunting for folklore creatures. And, hopefully, to discover a few of her own. Full of wonder, monsters, illustrations, and interviews, Folklore: A Field Guide is a delightful journey from beginning to end.

Smoky Lynx was born and raised on an albino peacock farm in Kansas. A child prodigy, she appeared on three episodes of Teen Jeopardy and an episode of You Can’t Do That on Television that, due to an on-screen accident, never aired. She was bitten by the showbiz bug and has auditioned for an insane number of reality TV shows.


After a brief career as a stunt driver and a series of failed marriages, Smoky has completely given up on work and love. She now spends her time writing books with her writing partner Charlaine LeRoux, and teaching herself to play bridge. Who even understands bridge anyway?


Charlaine LeRoux was born, quite unexpectedly, during a fan boat tour of the Everglades. Her parents, a disgraced stage magician and a socialite, settled in Fouke, Arkansas when she was a toddler where they started a business selling Fouke monster memorabilia.


At the tender age of thirty, Charlaine left the wildly successful family business and set out to make her own way. After brief stints as a ferry boat captain, a merkin weaver, and accountant, she realized her true passion was writing. Fall is her first novel with her writing partner, Smoky Lynx, though she did have moderate success with her short story, Stop Dragon My Heart Around, on MySpace; seven people read it and unanimously agreed it was good.

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