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M.C. Woodward

A history major in college, M.C. Woodward has spent the last thirty-two years teaching social studies in a junior high in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Always an admirer of the fantasy genre, Woodward studied creative writing under the Arkansas author, Francis Irby Gwaltney. 

After college, Woodward was fortunate enough to study in Austria. Through the years, Woodward has written poems, short stories, play and two novels. 


The city of Hobbs Landing has a rich history, as local historian Amadeus Kruckenkreuzer would gladly tell anyone who would listen. Told in two parts, the past and the present, the author illustrates the parallels between the founders of Hobbs Landing and its current citizens, many of them direct descendants of the founders. In Landfall In Oblivion, M.C. Woodward uses humour, satire, and a host of colourful, memorable characters to explore the human condition and begs the question, are we really that different than our ancestors?

Writings of a Cultural Nomad: A Collection is the culmination of decades of writings by historian and novelist M.C. Woodward. A mishmash of genres, the works are united by the misanthropic clashes of mind and heart. The collection includes holiday and season inspired pieces and memories, a short story about an eccentric antique dealer, a play chronicling the strange, but true, story of the artist Oskar Kokoschka, and ends with a series of poems written over M.C. Woodward's lifetime. Leaf through all or part of his journey through time and space.

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