missy ritchie-nicholas

Missy Rithie-Nicholas grew up with eight brothers, but that didn't prove helpful in her search to find a man. Being a psycho-therapist with her own practice wasn't much help either. 

Missy's a life-long writer, a motivational speaker, and a woman who has a passion for people and a penchant for adventure. She is an amateur photographer, a wife in training, and a fascinated and grateful mother. 

Her book, Letters to Love, is a heartfelt and deeply moving collection of author Missy Nicholas's letters that document her twenty-year search for love. Sometimes hopeful, sometimes despairing, the letters reflect the emotional roller coaster that every single woman can identify with and every married woman should be reminded of. 
In her search, Nicholas discovers as much about herself as she does about the love she is looking for and the type of person she wants to spend her life sharing it with. 
Steeped in truth, Letters to Love is a love story like you've never read before.