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Weekend Recap

Happy Library Week! I forgot that was a thing but, social media reminded me. Libraries offer several resources, aside from checking out books. For some people, it's their only access to internet. It's their only access to reading material. So, if you don't already use your local library, go get a card. Or, if you're like me, try almost obsessively to get a part time job there. But, alas, they won't hire me. It's fine. I'm not bitter about it at all.

I was so lazy this weekend. I had big plans, but then it was cold and there were actual snow flurries. Not at my house, but at someone's house. So, SNOW DAY. Snow days are my favorite because it's the perfect excuse to do nothing. I crafted; check out our Etsy store, ya'll. I finished listening to I'll Be Gone in the Dark: one woman's obsessive search for the Golden State Killer. This book. I'll do a full review on my next reading challenge update but, short version, it is well-written, terrifying, and the last chapter is heartbreaking. The author, Michelle McNamara, passed away before finishing the book. Her husband, comedian Patton Oswalt, ensured the book was finished and published with a beautiful afterward. If you like true crime at all, do yourself a favor and read this book. Immediately.

I also watched some TV. I know I'm pretty two thousand and late here but, I finally watched The People vs. O.J. Simpson. It was so well done that I was actually holding my breath when they read the verdict. As if I didn't know the outcome. Also, I'd like to give a shout out to the real life Marcia Clark. That woman put up with so much crap. The media attacked her hair, her clothes, and her personal life; she took it like a champ. And NO ONE pointed out that Robert Shapiro looked like a wax figure of Robert Shapiro. So, Saturday was lazy, but much needed.

Sunday was devoted to brunch and the theatre (said in an accent. Duh). My mom and I went to see Calendar Girls at the Fort Smith Little Theatre. This was one of the best performances I've seen. It was hysterical and I cried a little. Fortunately, I get to see it again. Tomorrow Jessica and I are going to the Literacy Council of Western Arkansas's Dark Night. It's a fundraiser for a great organization.

The office is closed today, but I'll be busy working from home. With my dogs. So, yeah, today is full of writing posts, writing blogs, running errands, and petting dogs. Because they're precious boys.

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