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Ryanne & Chris Harper

The couple that writes together, stays together. Or something like that. After years of editing other people's work, Tipsy Mockingbird's very own Ryanne Harper has written a book with her hubby Chris. 

Roommates was fun project stemming from an idea Chris had way back (like, way back) in high school. Chris wrote and published a one act play and, with Ryanne's help, turned it into a novel. A far cry from her work as part of the internationally acclaimed Lynx & LeRoux writing duo, Ryanne's work on Roommates is just the beginning. That's right! The pair already have plans for more books. 


Aside from writing together, Ryanne and Chris enjoy playing chess, hanging out with their dog, and binge-watching Criminal Minds even though they've seen all of them. Probably more than once. 


Perry Stark is a detective working in New York. A veteran of the force, he is struggling to balance his home and work life. When Stark and his new partner catch a murder case, he hopes to get a quick solve so he can take some time to work on his marriage. But when he and Baker meet up with an old friend, they discover their case is anything but routine.

With pressure from his chief, a growing need to save his relationship, and a chance to redeem himself, Stark is determined to get it right this time.

Now, with the pieces falling into place, Perry must decide, does he wait for his team or face it alone? Can he make up for past mistakes? Will solving the case help he and his wife mend their broken marriage?

A fast-paced thriller from debut authors, Roommates is sure to keep you guessing until the very end.

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