Tiffany Diaz-Linam

In 1995, after serving her country in the United States Army, Tiffany Diaz attended the Utah College of Massage Therapy, in Salt Lake City, then returned to Fort Smith to launch her own massage therapy business. The venture thrived, expanding to three separate locations. However, after ten years, her business was threatened by her very success when the high volume of massages she was performing resulted in intense wrist and hand pain.

She soon discovered an alternative method that would allow her to continue her massage career. She headed to Las Vegas to dip her toe in the world of Ashiatsu Barefoot massage. She immediately fell in love with this westernized version of the Asian style of deep tissue massage that incorporated her feet and toes, thus saving her hands. She returned to Las Vegas twice to continue her education and received her certification in the technique, becoming only the fifth person within Arkansas, and the first in Fort Smith, to attain the certification.

Tiffany continued to grow her business, utilizing the management skills she gained while obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership. In 2011, a new chapter in the barefoot story was written when she became an instructor for Barefoot Masters and began sharing the technique with other therapists in Arkansas.

While building a successful business, Tiffany returned to college and obtained an Associate of Applied Science nursing degree in 2014. She gained more experience working in the Emergency Room and cardiac stepdown unit. In 2017, Tiffany was awarded a Bachelor of Science in nursing degree and is currently working towards her master’s degree.


Tiffany’s pursuit of higher education is now leading her to expand her pathophysiology series to include online blocks tackling disease processes that are triggered by diet and inflammation.

In her spare time, yes, she manages to have spare time, she enjoys running half-marathons and doing Cross-Fit.