Initial Consultation: $100 

During the initial consultation, we will discuss your project and determine how to proceed so your work reaches its full potential. Recommendations and an estimate of the total project cost will be presented to clients before any edits begin.

Basic Proofreading: $25.00/hour

Basic proofreading services include two readings of the work and minor cosmetic changes. These services are typically utilized for business documents or as the final step in the story editing process.

*One hour minimum. 

Copy Editing: $30.00/hour

Copy editing services include any grammar, structure, and continuity corrections, as well as paragraph or plot reconstruction to improve the flow of the story. All additions or changes will be submitted for author approval before finalized.

Content Editing: $40.00/hour

Content editing is our most extensive service, and will not be applicable to all work. This service includes a full copy edit and the addition of original creative content to enhance and improve the work.

Research Fee: $50.00/hour

If submitted work contains factual errors and research is required to correct them, an additional fee will be applied. Clients will be notified before any research is begun and will have the option of correcting factual errors themselves.