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American Gods: Episode Two


This week was super exciting. We got to meet three gods, Mr. Nancy (squeeeeee), Czernobog, and Media, Bilquis had an absorbing people montage, and Shadow played the most intense game of checkers ever.

But, first, Mr. Nancy. Anansi is an African folktale character. He's a trickster who often takes the form of a spider. Last night, he took the form of Orlando Jones and it was amazing. That suit.

Anyway, Anansi was brought to America on a slave ship. More specifically, the wreckage of a slave ship. Because, after he appeared and made an awesome speech about the oppression of minorities in America, the slaves aboard revolted and burned that ship down.

And that's all we get from Mr. Nancy. For now. He'll be back. Looking rad.

Shadow is not having the best time in his new job. He's been beaten up a lot, he had to take a bath in a tiny motel bathtub, and now he's having visions of his dead wife. He's had a rough week. He and Mr. Wednesday are heading to Chicago to meet up with Mr. Wednesday's pal, but Shadow has to go shopping first.

While shopping, Shadow has a conversation with Lucy Ricardo. It's actually one of the new gods, Media, talking to Shadow via I Love Lucy. Gillian Anderson plays Media and I couldn't be happier about it. She looks great in black and white.

She's attempting to woo Shadow to the other side. It doesn't work. Mostly because Shadow, being a fairly reasonable person, thinks he's losing his mind. Mr. Wednesday assures him he is not and they hit the road.

In Chicago, we meet Czernobog and his three sisters. Well, we only see two of the sisters. The third one never comes out of her room. Czernobog is a scary dude. He works in a slaughterhouse and is genuinely upset that he no longer gets to kill the cows with his giant hammer, which he describes in much detail Over dinner. It's unnerving. To lighten the mood, he challenges Shadow to a game of checkers. Shadow accepts; they begin to play.

The game gets pretty intense pretty fast. Czernobog puts a wager on it. If Shadow wins, Czernobog will help Mr. Wednesday; if Shadow loses, Czernobog gets to bash his head in with the hammer. Shadow, overly confident in his checkers ability due to spending time in prison, accepts. He loses. Whomp, whomp. Lucky for Shadow, though, Czernobog only likes to murder things early in the morning. So, he has time. Leaving Shadow in dire straits seems to be a theme. Last week, he was mid-lynching when the episode ended.

We did get a mid-episode Bilquis segment. She's absorbing people left and right. "Absorbing people" might not be the best terminology, but I really don't know how else to describe it.

Also, this shirt. I think I may need it.

From the preview, it looks like we'll get to meet sister number three next week. Oh, and I think we'll get more Mad Sweeney, which makes me happy.

I love that, without knowing the source material, this show would be so confusing. I'm somewhat of a snob when it comes to adaptations and people taking the easy way out (even though that's exactly what I do with Game of Thrones) and enjoying shows without reading the books. I'm not saying it's impossible to follow American Gods without having prior knowledge, but I think knowing the story helps.

And now that we've meet Mr. Nancy, you should read his book, Anansi Boys, too.

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