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Twin Peaks Tuesday

I'm trying to make that a thing.

I was introduced to Twin Peaks by a roommate about fifteen years ago. So, after the original show aired. I quickly became obsessed. Who killed Laura Palmer and why? What's up with this man in the red room? How did the fish get in the percolator, Sam? Twin Peaks left me with a lot of questions, a shortage of answers, and an irrational fear of ceiling fans. But I don't care. I love it anyway. It's just so weird. And I have a huge crush on Agent Cooper.

My plan was to do a brief summary before the new show starts on May 21st. Twenty-five years later. JUST LIKE LAURA SAID. But I think it's impossible. There's just too much and a lot of it makes no sense anyway. So, instead, we'll do a rundown of a couple major characters and maybe some minor ones. Let's begin with Laura.


Laura Palmer is dead and everyone is very upset about. People spend a good amount of time staring at this photo wondering how such an awful thing could happen to her.

Through a series of flashbacks, we learn that Laura had somewhat of a double life. She spent a lot of time at this creepy club, One Eyed Jacks, had a secret boyfriend, was a cocaine addict, and a fetish model. But she also volunteered at Meals on Wheels. It's all about balance. So, she has been killed and Agent Cooper has been sent to find out why and by whom.


Cooper is an FBI agent who really loves pie and coffee. And a particular type of gum that will be coming back in style. He's been sent to Twin Peaks to investigate the death of Laura. He uses a bizarre investigation technique he learned in a dream.


No idea why this lady is even in the show, but I love it. She carries a log around like a baby. She's a clairvoyant; the log sends her messages. That's really all you need to know about her.

I think the series is available on Netflix. Grab yourself some cherry pie, a damn fine cup of coffee, and binge it before the revival starts in a couple of weeks.

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