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American Gods: Episode Three


Just when I thought I had the structure figured out, it changes. This week, there was no Coming to America sequence. Probably because they nailed it last week and it was just too hard to follow the Mr. Nancy introduction. Instead, we got two Somewhere in America sequences, neither of which featured Bilquis; though we didn't see her, I assume she's still absorbing people.

In the first Somewhere in America segment, we see a woman climbing on a janky stool and managing not to fall. Oh, wait, she did fall. She also died. She just doesn't realize she's dead until she's greeted by the Egyptian god of death; they take a literal stairway to Heaven.

The second Somewhere in America sequence happens later in the show. A weary salesman gets in a cab that turns out to be driven by a Ifrit, or a Jinn, or, a genie, though he makes a point of saying they do more than grant wishes. By the way, this is not the first time we've seen the Jinn and I don't think it will be the last. In episode two, we see him leaving a meeting with Mr. Wednesday; you can tell it's him because his eyeballs are on fire. The Jinn's cab serves as his lamp. He feels trapped. The Jinn and the salesman, being from the same part of the world and both hating their jobs, have a connection. The salesman invites the Jinn back to his room. After a sexual encounter, the salesman wakes the next morning to find all his things gone, leaving him no option but to assume the identity of the Jinn, which he doesn't seem to mind. He was not a good salesman; maybe he'll have better luck as a cabby.

Speaking of luck, Mad Sweeney is having a terrible time. Maybe he shouldn't have drunkenly given Shadow is lucky coin.

Shadow, with his death looming, gets up in the middle of the night. He meets the third sister, Zorya Polunochnaya. The three sisters are tasked with watching the sky; Zorya works the night shift. She likes Shadow so much she plucks the moon from the sky and gives it to him for protection. The moon, in this case, takes the form of a coin.

After speaking with Zorya, Shadow challenges Czernobog to a middle of the night checkers rematch. The terms being, if Shadow wins, Czernobog has to help Mr. Wednesday before killing Shadow, if Shadow loses, Czernobog gets more than one swing of the hammer to finish him off. It's a lose lose for Shadow. Shadow wins. Hooray. He'll get to die later rather than sooner.

Mr. Wednesday, in need of cash, decide he and Shadow should rob a bank. In order for it to work, Shadow needs to make it snow. He, of course, doesn't think he can, but Mr. Wednesday convinces him to try. Turns out, he's very good at it. It snows a lot and they pull off a pretty brilliant bank robbery.

Later, they're having dinner when Mad Sweeney shows up demanding his coin back. Shadow tells him he threw it on Laura's grave back in Eagle Point. Mad Sweeney, who is pretty pissed that Shadow casually threw his magic coin away, storms out and heads to the cemetery to find it.

When he gets to the cemetery, he sees that Laura is missing. And he can't find his coin.

Meanwhile, Shadow and Mr. Wednesday are driving when Shadow almost runs over a wolf. Shadow is startled, but Mr. Wednesday seems pleased to see him. He probably knows something we don't know. In Norse mythology, Odin, Mr. Wednesday is clearly Odin, is often accompanied by two wolves.

When they get to the motel, Shadow walks in to find, Laura, alive and well sitting on his bed. Apparently, Mad Sweeney's coin is not only lucky, but can also resurrect the dead.

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