• Ryanne Harper

Twin Peaks Tuesday

I told you I'm making it a thing.

First, we need to clear something up. I always thought there were two Twin Peaks movies in addition to the TV series. I get told repeatedly this is just not true. I'm not wrong. The TV series was released in 1990 and aired through 1991. Fire Walk With Me, the movie prequel was released in 1992. Somebody somewhere made a movie called Twin Peaks and it is just a condensed version of the TV series. Apparently, it's pretty hard to find and most people don't know it even exist. But I own it, which is what led to my confusion about the two movies and TV series thing. I'm glad we cleared that up.

To prep for the upcoming revival, I have been rewatching the TV series. I'd actually forgotten a few things. The plot is stranger than I remember, almost everyone is having an affair, and Albert Rosenfield is, by far, the best character in Twin Peaks. He is so funny. And Miguel Ferrer was actually talented; unlike most of the cast.

So, this week will serve as an in memoriam to Miguel Ferrer, who portrayed Albert. He was in a ton of things, including Adventure Time, but I'll always remember him as this guy:

Here's best of Albert video. Enjoy.

Luckily, for us Twin Peaks fans, Miguel had finished shooting his scenes for the revival.

So, here's to you, Albert Rosenfield.


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