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American Gods: Episode Four


This week, the show veered away from the book completely and I loved it. It was all about Laura Moon, the not quit dead anymore wife of Shadow. Episode four follows Laura from the time she met Shadow up to how she came to be sitting in his motel room at the end of episode three.

While getting to know Laura's history, we learn she's a very sad woman. She doesn't believe in anything afterlife-wise and seems incapable of feelings. Basically, she's a shell of a person. She and Shadow meet at the casino he will eventually rob (at Laura's insistence) they get married, and seem to have a pretty normal married couple life.

Shadow is blissfully oblivious to the fact that Laura is going through the motions. Her desire to feel something is what leads her to convince Shadow robbing the casino is a great idea. He ends up in prison so, clearly, it was not a great idea.

Laura promises Shadow she'll wait for him, which, of course, she doesn't do. Laura begins having an affair with Robbie, Shadow's best friend and husband of Laura's bestie, Audrey. On the day she tells Robbie it's over, they are killed in a car accident. Laura is greeted by Anubis, the Egyptian god of death. We met him last week when the lady fell off her stool. Since Laura believes in nothing, she doesn't really get to go anywhere. Just darkness. She tells Anubis to eff off. Suddenly, she goes flying backward through the air.

Oh, it's because Shadow just dropped Mad Sweeney's magic coin on her grave not knowing it would bring her back to life. She digs herself out of her own grave and sees a bright yellow light in the distance. She follows the light. Laura comes upon Shadow being lynched by men with no faces. LAURA IS WHO SAVED SHADOW WAY BACK IN EPISODE ONE. Apparently, resurrected people are crazy strong; she's able to kill all of them and save Shadow. All without Shadow seeing her.

After killing a bunch of folks, losing her arm in the process, Laura heads home to clean up. While she's there, Shadow shows up to pack a few things. Again, Laura hides from him. Once he leaves, she sneaks in to Audrey's house to sew her arm back on. Audrey has a killer craft room. Anyway, the embalming fluid is upsetting Laura's stomach, Audrey sees her and, understandably, freaks out. They then have a hilarious scene in the bathroom; Audrey is in the shower trying to rationalize what is happening while Laura is on the toilet. This scene was probably my favorite of the episode; it was just so funny. Audrey might be my favorite non-god character. Laura apologizes for the whole affair thing and Audrey reattaches her arm for her. Sisters before misters, I guess.

Laura and Audrey take a road trip to find Shadow. And they run in to Anubis, who is taking the form of a jackal, and Ibis. We haven't formally met Mr. Ibis yet, but he's the guy who we saw writing the Coming to America sequences in the first two episodes. Turns out, they run a funeral parlor. They patch Laura up, making her look way less dead, and she heads out to see Shadow. Not before Anubis tells her he'll see her when her task is through.

For me, this was one of the more interesting episodes. Maybe because it's unique to the show. Also, it's interesting seeing a character who doesn't believe in anything thrust into this world of gods.

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