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Victoria Harper Bio

Since we're releasing book two by staff writer, Victoria Harper, today, we thought we'd do a bio post.

Victoria is originally from New Hampshire. She graduated from Sarah Lawrence in 2007. She currently lives in Eureka Springs, Arkansas with her partner, Joanie, and their two dogs, Lucy and Roscoe. Aside from writing romance novels, Victoria has written product reviews, travel guides, and academic articles. When she isn't writing, she spends time helping Joanie manage her Etsy store. She also enjoys camping and hiking with their dogs.

As a special promotion, book one is available for free! Here's the link.

If you've already read book one, thank you. If you've read it and not left a review, please do so. Reviews help us get noticed on Amazon.

While you're on Amazon, go ahead and grab book two. Because it's available right now! Here's the link.


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