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  • Ryanne Harper

It's Wunderful

My Monday blog is usually about American Gods, but my Prime is being weird; I haven't been able to stream in over a week. So, I haven't watched episode seven yet. And I'm two episodes behind on Twin Peaks. Thanks, Amazon.

This week, since I can't do my normal thing, I decided I'd do a product review. You guys, Wunder Brow is awesome. I was reluctant to buy it because they, for some reason, chose to spell wunder incorrectly and that's typically a deal breaker for me.

I was born with pretty great eyebrows. Then the '90s happened and thin brows became all the rage. So, my brows were plucked and waxed to almost nothing. Now that thicker brows are cool again, I've been trying to grow mine out and it's just not happening. I tried taking biotin, bought several eyebrow serums, nothing was working. So, I gave up and filled them in with a pencil. I do hot yoga. Eyebrow pencils and sweating profusely really don't go well together. Even the waterproof kind didn't hold up.

After seeing Wunder Brow ads all over Facebook, I decided to give it a try. I LOVE it. My only complaint was that the darkest shade wasn't dark enough, but Wunder Brow fixed that when they released jet black.

Wunder Brow is a gel you apply to fill in bald spots or just darken an area that's maybe a little too thin. Once it's on, it's really, really on so be careful when applying. The first time I used it, I got a little carried away and looked a little like Bert from Sesame Street. It's waterproof, hot yoga proof, smudge proof, ocean proof; you will need an oil-based cleaner to remove it. Coconut oil works great! Wunder Brow is about $22 for a tube, but it last about six weeks, depending on how often you apply and touch-up. You can buy it directly from the company or on Amazon. In fact, if you have Prime and do the subscribe and save thing, you can get it for $18. Thanks, Amazon.

I was really skeptical at first. But this product actually works. I mean, David Sedaris likes my brows and that's all the validation I need.

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