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American Gods: Episode 7 & 8

Episode 7:

I finally got my Prime situation worked out so I'm all caught up on American Gods.

I loved the way this episode was shot. The Coming to America sequence is normally a small piece at the beginning, then we move on to Mr. Wednesday and Shadow. This week, it was all about Mad Sweeney and it cut between his arrival in America and his current day road trip with Laura Moon. Speaking of Laura Moon, the same actress played Essie, the Irish woman who is responsible for bringing leprechauns to the States. She was awesome.

In this episode, everyone's suspicions were confirmed; Mr. Wednesday was responsible for the death of Laura. And he used Mad Sweeney to do it. So, Mad Sweeney and Laura are traveling across country in an ice cream truck Laura has stolen. While driving, she swerves to avoid hitting a bunny (Easter! Squeee!) and wrecks. She dies. Again. Sweeney finds his coin and, possibly feeling bad about killing her in the first place, gives it back to her. She is once again revived. He promises to take her to someone who can help her come back to life permanently.

Episode 7 showed a bit of a softer side to Mad Sweeney. I mean, he's still cranky and sarcastic, but we did get to see more depth.

Episode 8:

The season finale. I can't believe it's already over. War is officially upon us. Mr. Nancy, who I would let make my clothes in a heartbeat, is making suits for Wednesday and Shadow. He's also telling the story of Bilquis. It was nice seeing her story come full circle. In an effort to stay relevant, or alive, she has sold out to the new gods. Tinder is doing wonders for her.

Once they're freshly suited, Mr. Wednesday and Shadow head to Kentucky to see an old friend, Easter. It's her day. Well, sort of. She has to share her holiday with Jesus. All of them. But, she pretends not to care. She's doing alright.

Initially, she's not on board. Then, a lot of things happen, thus ruining her shindig. Laura and Mad Sweeney show up hoping to get a resurrection from Easter. It's revealed that, since Laura was killed by a god, Easter can't do anything for her. Mad Sweeney is looking pretty nervous, for good reason. The next time we see them, she's holding him up by his privates demanding to know who did it. He tells her.

As if that weren't enough to ruin a party, the new gods, Media, Tech Boy, and Mr. World show up. Shadow finally gets it through his head that Mr. Wednesday is Odin. Like, the Odin. The god of war. Feeling threatened by the new gods, Easter does her thing and takes back the harvest she has given. Normally, Easter is all about rebirth but, make her mad, and she'll take it away. She's officially picked sides.

Shadow is awe-struck, all the plants are dead, and Mr. Wednesday is pleased with himself.

From the balcony, Laura announces she'd like to have a word with Shadow about his boss.

And that's how it ends. I already can't wait for season two.

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