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Twin Peaks Tuesday: Episode 7

Finally. We get to meet Diane. If you need a refresher on Diane, you aren't much of a Twin Peaks fan, but that's okay. In the original series and Fire Walk With Me, Agent Cooper talked to Diane a lot, but we never met her. He records his thoughts and observations and, I assume, sends them to Diane. He also tracks his expenses and recommends pie places to her. Gordon and Albert, convinced the gross doppelganger Cooper isn't the real Cooper, have called on Diane to help them out. After cussing both of them and being generally ill-tempered, she agrees to speak to Coop. It doesn't go well. She's angry, she doesn't want to be there. Gross Cooper makes a reference to the last time they saw one another. Based on her reaction, it's not a good memory for her. She leaves pretty abruptly. In the parking lot, she tells Gordon, without a doubt, that man isn't Agent Cooper.

Also, Diane reminds me of Lil from Fire Walk With Me. It might be all the red, the sour expression; I'm not entirely sure.

My favorite part of this episode, besides getting to meet Diane, was the amount of time they spent actually in Twin Peaks. Lots of things happening back at the station. Hawk found three of the four missing pages of Laura Palmer's diary in the door of a bathroom stall. The pages reveal that Laura knew who Bob really was and recalls a dream she had, featuring Annie from Fire Walk With Me, about the real Dale Cooper being trapped in the lodge. I'm glad The Return is tying in to the original series. It's all coming together and I'm sure it'll make perfect sense really soon. Hahaha. The Sheriff, trying to get to the bottom of this Dale Cooper thing, Skypes with Doc Hayward. Hayward was one of the last people to see Cooper before he left town. He recalls the last time he was Cooper, the Agent was leaving Audrey Horne's hospital room. This reveals two things: Audrey survived the explosion and Gross Cooper paid Audrey a visit. Eww.

Speaking of the Horne's, Jerry is lost in the woods high as a kite. Ben is working. So, they haven't changed much. Ben and his secretary keep hearing a humming sound. I hope it's Josie; she's been stuck in that nightstand for so long. Ben has also received Cooper's old key in the mail. He pretends this isn't intriguing at all, but it is.

We also get to watch a guy sweep the floor at the Roadhouse for a very, very long time. Lynch is good at this. He shows mundane things that have no impact on the plot for an extremely long time. Like, long enough to kind of make me mad. Just when I'm at peak frustration, it ends and something actually happens. In this case, the something that happens is, we see yet another Renault brother tending bar, being a pimp, and being creepy in general. I was hoping we were finished with the Renault's, but I guess not.

A couple other interesting things:

Dougie/Cooper was questioned by the cops and attacked by a hit man. He instinctively knew how to fit him off. I think Dougie/Cooper is becoming more and more Agent Cooper. I can't wait until he's fully Agent Cooper. I'm also worried about the real Dougie. People are acknowledging he's acting strange, but no one seems overly concerned that he can't string a sentence together.

Major Briggs' body has been found. But it hasn't aged and no one knows where his head is.

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