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The Boy Who Lived

Happy twentieth anniversary to, possibly, the best book series ever written.

Twenty years ago, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone was released. I, however, didn't discover Harry Potter until Goblet of Fire was released. I was working at Books-A-Million at the time and was far too busy pretending to like Jack Kerouac to read a dumb book about magic. I've since come to terms with two things: Jack Kerouac is kind of awful and Harry Potter is not a dumb book about magic.

The night of the Goblet of Fire release, I was working the midnight release party and generally hating every minute of it. Then an eight-year-old girl changed my life. She was so excited to get that giant book; she immediately ran outside, sat in the middle of a group of protesters and started reading.

That stuck with me. The next day, we were pretty slow because everyone was at home devouring GoF. I gave in and grabbed a copy of Sorcerer's Stone. I was hooked by the end of chapter one. And, now, when I reread, "To Harry Potter - the boy who lived!" gets me every time. A lot of things get me every time: Neville being awarded those ten points, Dobby, Fred, pretty much everything about Luna. I love these characters so much. Even the ones I hate. Lookin' at you, Umbridge. For the last seventeen years, I have been obsessed with Harry Potter. I've taken classes on it just for fun, I've found all six of the people in the world who haven't read them and I've gotten them to read them. Harry Potter has become a huge part of my life; so, this week will be devoted to Harry Potter. My favorite book (Half Blood Prince), my favorite character (Neville, obviously), how mad I get when I can't find Ravenclaw merchandise and, when I do, it's movie colors, not the book colors.

But, for now, here's a video highlighting our favorite moments. You'll probably cry. I did.

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