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Winter is Here. Almost.

I came to the Game of Thrones party super late. I didn't start watching until this past January when I activated an HBO free trial so I could watch Westworld. Because HBO has awesome shows like True Detective and Big Little Lies, I kept it. I also decided to binge watch GoT. I was hooked by the end of the first episode. I mean, when someone nonchalantly pushes a child out of a window, you can't help but be intrigued. And, to be fair to Jaime, that kid is so annoying.

The new season starts this Sunday so I thought I'd take a minute to talk about a few of my favorites other than Tyrion. Everyone likes Tyrion so it seems silly to talk about him. Plus, I could go on for days about how much I like Tyrion.

Recently, The New Yorker posted a LONG article about Game of Thrones. I read it because it's The New Yorker and I have lots of time to read articles, but the author had this to say about Cersei and it's basically the best description of her ever:

"...she is a beautiful expression of terror, combining shapely grace with limitless evil in just the right measure to scare a man to death while rendering him helpless with desire."

I feel like the author, Clive James, nailed Cersei. Well, only a Lannister can do that. He described her very well. I love Cersei. She has an RBF to die for and an affinity for wine I enjoy. I also hate Cersei, which is kind of the point. She has moments, few and far between, but she has them, when you feel sorry for her. The shame walk, for example, was hard to watch. No one deserves that, not even Cersei. Then, she has someone I like murdered or is terrible to Tyrion and I get mad at her again. She's complicated.

I also enjoy Lord Baelish. He is a sneaky, sneaky guy and I love it. It might also have something to do with his accent. He has a great accent. I appreciate a person who tells you straight up you can't trust them. With Baelish, there's no confusion; he's looking out for himself. Always. Baelish also has mad interior design skills. His brothel is beautiful.

This one is going to seem to come out of nowhere considering my previous to choices, but Sam Tarly is a favorite. Third on the list was a toss up between Sam and Brea. I went with Sam because everyone needs a Sam. Frodo has a Sam. Dean has a Sam. Even I have a Sam. The only completely useless Sam is the one from Walking Dead. This meme proves it.

Sam Tarly is likely the least selfish character in the entire series. Everything he does, he does with other people in mind. In a show full of people plotting, murdering, and being awful to one another it's nice to have a character like Sam.

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