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Game of Thrones 701

Whoa. Dang.

So, season seven is upon us. As is winter. The opening scene solidified Arya as a genuine bad ass. Probably the only girl child who is more of a bad ass is Lady Mormont. She's, like, ten-years-old, but the toughest character on the show and she throws so much shade, she's practically a tree.

But, back to Arya; wearing a man's face while poisoning his entire family is pretty awesome. Nothing like opening with a pre-credits mass murder to set the tone. Then she casually hangs out in the woods with Ed Sheeran and his fellow soldiers.

This episode made its rounds. We got to see little of everyone to see what they're up to, which was nice. They're mostly up to plotting murder, but still.

Cersei, who didn't have much of a conscience to begin with, appears to have gone full Voldemort-level of not caring about anyone else. She has the throne and she intends on keeping it. No one, including Jaime, had better get in her way. I predict we'll be short a Lannister twin by the end of the season.

Meanwhile, in Winterfell, Jon and Sansa have a sibling tiff in front of everyone, which embarrasses Jon a little bit. He's new to this whole ruling thing. He doesn't need his little sister questioning his authority in front of the people. Jon is focusing solely on the white walker threat, relying on winter weather to keep the Lannister army at bay. Sansa, who would know better than anyone, warns Jon not to underestimate Cersei. She's not wrong. Cersei should never be underestimated.

Sam is learning to be a maester. Apparently, learning to be a maester involves cleaning out a lot of bed pans and dishing out food that looks a little too similar to the bed pan contents. He's not having the best time. Much like Harry Potter, he sneaks into the restricted section of the library and stumbles upon information regarding dragon glass and where to find a ton of it. As we know from previous seasons, dragon glass kills white walkers. Sam writes his best bud Jon a letter. He also accidentally finds our friend, Jorah Mormont, who, I assume, is at the citadel attempting to treat his greyscale so he can get back to Dany. I have a feeling Sam will discover that dragon glass will stop the spread of greyscale, he'll be banished from the citadel for breaking into the restricted section, and he and Jorah will leave to reunite with Jon and Dany, their true loves.

Speaking of Dany, she's home. She's made it to Dragonstone, with Tyrion, three dragons, and a sizable army by her side. I have a feeling everyone, except Arya, is going to converge on Dragonstone. Arya is heading straight for Cersei. She wants her dead.

Bran made it to the wall. I don't care for Bran's story line, but I guess it's good to know he's safe and that poor girl who has been dragging him around finally gets a break.

The Hound shows a bit of his softer side when he buries the bodies of two people he indirectly killed. I guess that counts as a softer side.

Our favorite red-bearded wildling, Tormund, is making googly eyes as Brienne. Which cracks me up.

Lord Baelish is lurking around Winterfell being a genuine creep to Sansa. She's annoyed by it, but she also realizes Lord Baelish saved them in the battle against Ramsey so she tolerates him.

Not that any of the episodes have been weak, but I thought this episode was a great season opener. We got to see what all our favorites are up to. And the preview for next week looks just as exciting.

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