• Kim C.

Mystified by Ruth Ware

It was a random buy while in the store one day. I was looking for something to read, and "into a dark, dark wood" caught my attention.

I read some of the reviews on the front and back, and since it's being made into a movie soon (or has been), I thought it would be worth it. I was totally right! I also love mysteries, so it was a no-brainer.

Based in Europe, Ruth Ware writes about a reclusive writer who is invited to an old school friend's hen do (bachelorette Party). Long story summarized, things don't go as planned. A glass house, in the middle of nowhere, and a gun... what could possibly go wrong? This book is well worth reading, and I am excited to start the other book I bought of hers called "The Woman in Cabin 10."


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