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Crazy Is As Crazy Does

It's been a while since I've read this series, but it was another random book buy when I was in search of something new to read.

I picked up "Asylum" mainly because the cover was intriguing, and was instantly hooked. As soon as I finished it, I drove immediately to buy "Sanctum."

Madeleine Roux does really well with integrating creepy images with equally creepy descriptions. I have read the three shown, but there is a prequel that I own and intend to read soon.

The story is about three teens who meet during a college summer learning program at a New England campus. They discover the dorms they're staying in is in an old asylum that was shut down decades before. If that isn't creepy enough, then one of them begins to see things, receive odd text messages, and feels a peculiar connection to the building and it's history. Though, it isn't just the building that he feels connected to, but also the warden who once ran the asylum.

If creepy mysteries is your thing, than this series doesn't disappoint.

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