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Twin Peaks Tuesday: Episode 11

This episode jumps between Twin Peaks, South Dakota, and Las Vegas and actually kind of made sense, which was refreshing.

Twin Peaks:

First off, the woman terrible Richard attacked last week is alive. Somehow. She's found by three adorable children who are playing catch.

It was also confirmed that Becky, the young woman who is always bumming money from Shelly, is, in fact, Shelly and Bobby's daughter. She's having some marital issues, freaks out, steals Shelly's car, and shoots up husband's girlfriend's apartment. Thankfully, no one was hurt and dad works for the Sheriff's department so she isn't arrested. While discussing her options at the Double R, Shelly leaves for a moment to make out with some rando. When she comes back, I feel like Bobby was going to say something, but shots are fired into the Double R. A boy, who has extra responsible parents, was playing with a loaded gun he found in the back seat of their van. The lady behind them is losing her mind because she's late for dinner and apparently rides around with a zombie child in her front seat. I have no idea what that's about.

While all this is happening, Deputy Hawk and Sheriff Truman are studying an old map and getting closer to understanding the messages left behind by Major Briggs. The log lady, Margaret, calls to check in.

Buckhorn, South Dakota:

William Hastings is showing the detective and FBI Agents Tammy, Albert, and Gordon where he claims to have seen Major Briggs the night Ruth was killed. Diane is there are well, but she doesn't care about any of this. She just wants to smoke and tell Albert to eff off. While checking out the building, Albert and Gordon see a shadow man who they assume is a vagrant. Gordon has a strange experience; the sky becomes like a vacuum. Gordon catches a glimpse of some men standing in a room. They also look like vagrants. Before he's completely sucked in, Albert grabs him and pulls him back. They find the headless body of a woman they believe to be Ruth Davenport. It's her. Complete with coordinates written on her arm.

While smoking. Diane sees the same shadow man lurking around the police car. She doesn't say anything because what exactly does one say? Next thing you know, the top of Hastings' head is gone. As Gordon so hilariously put it, "he's dead."

Gordon is obviously shaken up by the whole experience. Diane seems to not care at all until Albert shows Gordon the picture of the coordinates. It appears she's trying to memorize them. I want to trust Diane, but I don't. Pretty sure she's working with gross Cooper.

Las Vegas:

Dougie is back at work and has a meeting with the Mitchum brothers, who, unbeknownst to Dougie's boss, plan to murder Dougie. One of the Mitchum brothers recounts a dream he had about the meeting. In his dream, Dougie brings them a gift.

Mr. Mullins, Dougie's boss, is escorting Dougie to car when Dougie randomly takes off. He's seen a vision of Mike in the red room. Dougie, I assume at Mike's instruction, buys a cherry pie to take to the meeting

as a gift, along with a 30 million dollar insurance payout check. The Mitchum brothers change their plan when they see the cherry pie and the check. Events are playing out just like the dream predicted! So, instead of murdering Dougie, they take him to a swanky restaurant to eat the pie. One of the brothers, I really should learn their names, comments that the pie is "damn good"; triggering something in Dougie. And I kinda squealed a little bit. We're getting closer to the real Cooper.

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