• Kim C.

Kids+Summer=Is it August yet?

Yes, I know... In with the book blogs and show blogs, there is one about kids? But, guess what... it is not easy keeping kids occupied in the summer. I have two, and they fight like cats and dogs. I, for one, am ready for August and school to get here.

I had plans for the summer to keep them somewhat busy, but as most planned things go, most of them didn't happen. Water parks are too expensive, it has been INSANELY hot out, and have I mentioned my two fight like cats and dogs? Doesn't bode well for public outings much, though I do try. What has happened in reality is attempting to keep them engaged with books and coloring inside, occasionally letting them outside before it becomes melting hot, and finding time around my busy (but fun) schedule to read for pleasure myself.

Thankfully, August begins next week! Meaning a few more weeks and school starts back, and mommy gets her sanity back - kind of. It also means college starts back for me, but I'm actually looking forward to it.

So, for those in similar situations remember that tax free weekend is August 5th and 6th, Growing Kids Sale in September (can't recall dates), and routines will soon be back in place! Yay!


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