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Ruth Ware Does It Again!

In a previous blog, I wrote about finding Ruth Ware's book "in a dark, dark wood" by accident and loving it. Well, I bought her other book at the same time and just read it. "The Woman in Cabin 10" is just as good as her first book.

Based on a small "luxury cruise-liner," which is actually just a large redone yacht, a female reporter is hoping for a scoop into the wealthy lifestyle of the ship owner. With some pre-developed anxieties, Lo finds herself in the middle of a possible murder mystery. A mysterious woman is missing, but only Lo saw her, and no one else knows what she is talking about - or at least the crew aren't saying either way. With the ship being in the middle of the Norwegian sea, and no internet/phone reception, Lo seems to be on a boat without a paddle.

It's really hard for me to get into a new author, and I'm not sure why. I guess it's a change, or I'm worried I'm going to buy the book and then hate it or something. But I have been pleasantly surprised by Ruth Ware, and by Madeleine Roux (which I've blogged about as well).

I have to say, I am now a Ruth Ware fan!

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