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Twin Peaks Tuesday: Episode 12

This week we got a little background on the Blue Rose Task Force. Started by the Air Force, it was shutdown in 1970. Agents Gordon, Cooper, Albert, Phillip Jeffries, and Chet Desmond were the agents involved. The only two who have not disappeared under strange circumstances are Albert and Gordon. They disclose this info to Tammy right before they ask her to join the team. She agrees. Diane shows up and Gordon tells her he'd like to deputize her so she can help with the Cooper case. Diane says, "Let's rock", which kind of creeped me out because that's what the dwarf from the red lodge said right before he did his weird dance. Once she's alone, Diane responds to a text she'd received from gross Cooper. Albert and Gordon are on to her, though. Diane is definitely up to something; she recalls the coordinates written on Ruth Davenport's arm, types them into her phone, and, turns out, it's Twin Peaks.

Speaking of Twin Peaks, we spent a lot of time there this episode. Something is definitely going on with Sara Palmer. She has every right to be a little off, considering her husband killed their daughter and their niece; not to mention, he was drugging Sara the whole time so she wouldn't know what he was up to.

Though she made a brief appearance in an earlier episode, we haven't seen much of her until episode 12. She's at the grocery store buying all the liquor and cigarettes. While at the checkout, she has a full-blown freak out. She begins speaking to herself almost as if she has two personalities or she's possessed or something. Which is possible. It wouldn't be the first Twin Peaks possession. Later in the episode, Deputy Hawk goes to check on her and she talks to herself again, assures Hawk she's fine, and slams the door in his face.

Hawk isn't the only officer making house calls. Sheriff Truman pays a visit to The Great Northern to fill Ben in on what Richard has been up to. Ben, appalled by his grandson's behavior, agrees to pay Miriam's hospital bills. He also gives Frank Truman Cooper's old room key, the one that showed up in the mail, asking him to pass it along to his brother, Harry S. Truman, as a keepsake. I, too, like to keep mementos commemorating the time several people died, my significant other became a nightstand, and my bestie got lost in the black lodge, never to be seen again. Great gift, Ben.

Last, but certainly not least, AUDREY IS BACK!!!!! She has a lot going on. She's married and she's very mad at her husband because he won't help her find her boyfriend. He's missing. Some woman named Tina might know where he is, but she doesn't like Audrey. I really have no idea what's going on, but I'm really glad to see Audrey.

As usual, the episode ends at the Roadhouse.

We only saw Cooper briefly.

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