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Today - 9 Years Ago.

On August 2nd 2008, Stephenie Meyer's 4th book in the "Twilight Saga," "Breaking Dawn," was published by Little Brown at midnight with a print run of 3.7 million copies.

While I know not everyone is a huge fan, (and honestly I'm not either even though I've read all 4 books), the series was a big success for readers and movies goers alike.

But not long after the final book's debut, the "Breaking Dawn" backlash began. Devoted fans of the series began expressing their disappointment and disdain all over the internet. Their main criticisms were that the final book wasn't true to the characters, and didn't make sense in the context of the series. What's worse? The idea of returning the book quickly took over as the preferred form of protest - with supposedly one reader even digging her receipt out of the bin in order to do so.

However, in-spite of the negative reviews, "Breaking Dawn" was the recipient of a British Book Award for "Children's Book of the Year." In the 2009 it won the "Children's Choice Book Awards," the novel was also chosen as the "Teen Choice Book of the Year," and Stephenie Meyer won the "Author of the Year" award.

Overall, it seems that the Twilight series will be a source of talk and controversy for a while still.

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