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Game of Thrones: 704

Best. Episode. Ever. I know I said last week's episode was the best ever. But, I was wrong. They are really bringing it this season.

So, Arya made it to Winterfell. Finally. I was looking forward to seeing the reunion between Arya and Sansa. And it didn't disappoint. It wasn't necessarily a warm reunion, but I didn't expect that from these two. I really loved the scene between Arya and Brienne. The two Stark girls have really come into their own. Sansa is handling the whole ruling the North thing pretty well and Arya has become the skilled fighter she always wanted to be. I guess it was nice Arya got to see Bran. I tolerate Bran because I think his ability to see everything is going to come in to play, especially when he reveals what he knows about Jon, but he really gets on my nerves.

Speaking of Jon Snow, he made a lot of progress with Daenerys as far as convincing her they need to fight their common enemy. She's still demanding he bend the knee, but at least we're getting closer to a compromise. Also, the tension between those two. Dang. I noticed, Sir Davos noticed, we all noticed. And we established a few seasons back Jon knows where to put it. Maybe they'll find out they're related before anything happens. I'm interested to see Daenerys' reaction when she finds out she isn't the last Targaryen. She may have to change her title up a bit. I can't remember if she mentions she's the last of the house because her title is ridiculously long. Confused about who is related to whom? Here's a helpful flow chart. Thanks, Business Insider!

The episode was titled Spoils of War. The war isn't going so well for Daenerys. Greyworm and company can't hold Casterly Rock, she's lost her Dornish allies, Lady Tyrell and Highgarden are gone as is her Greyjoy ally. Theon is technically still around, but he's not nearly as useful as his sister. So, Daenerys decided to take Lady Tyrell's advice to stop listening to her advisers and be a dragon. She finally unleashed the Dothraki army and Drogon, who she rode into battle like a boss. Taking Jon's words about not using her dragons to burn cities and innocents to heart, she went straight for the Lannister army. The battle was pretty epic. I mean, the Dothraki just do not care. They're maniacs and I love them. But, I also love Jaime Lannister so I watched this entire scene curled up like a Popple with my hands over my face. Since I don't have a handy back pouch, I use a blanket. In case you don't know what a Popple is:

Anyway, Tyrion and I were pleading, in unison, for Jaime to flee. Just get out there. Yeah, the dragon has been shot by an arrow, but it's only hurt badly enough to make it mad and, sure, you have a clear shot at Daenerys but, in case you missed it, SHE HAS A FIRE BREATHING DRAGON. Drogon's protective and pissed, Jaime didn't stand a chance. At the last second, he is saved from himself by Bronn. Well, that's who I think it is anyway. It happened so fast it's difficult to know for sure and also I watch the show through a small crack between my fingers so I could be way off. But, I'm pretty sure it was Bronn. Just because he didn't get roasted like a marshmallow doesn't mean Jaime is safe. His savior did push him into some pretty deep water and he's wearing roughly forty-seven pounds of armor so he may drown. We don't know for sure because the episode left us hanging. Left us hanging but certainly not disappointed. Can it be next Sunday already?

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