• Kim C.

Grammar - It matters!

All over social media, I am always seeing people misuse grammar. Granted, I am prone to make mistakes on occasion but the list shown are annoying when seen over and over again.

I see these mistakes in Facebook posts, tweets, text messages, other blogs, online articles, and even in some academic papers. As previously stated, sometimes mistakes happen and it's okay. However, when it is done continuously, and consistently, I believe there is a problem.

Memes have been dedicated to the hilarity of misused grammar, and there are more than just this one out there.

The written language is fun to mess with sometimes, which is probably why we have so many idioms and slang terms, and some rules are a little ridiculous (like you can't start a sentence with "and" or "but"). But, you can!

In some cases, it is personal preference and how someone was taught (but it doesn't make it wrong). Then there are the times when it is wrong (like using "your" for "you are" instead of "you're").

Grammar is important, and can also be fun to play with for comical effect. So, be aware of the message you're sending when writing, it might not be exactly what you want to convey.


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