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Regularly Scheduled GoT Post Has Been Cancelled

Because this is not a regular Monday. This is the Monday following a Nazi rally in America that resulted in a woman being murdered with a car and dozens of others injured. So, yeah, nothing normal about today.

First, I should explain something about myself. I am easily overwhelmed by turmoil of any kind. It starts with obsessively looking at my phone for updates from The New York Times, NPR, The Washington Posts, more NPR, BBC, Twitter, Dan Rather because I find him very calming, you get the idea. It's information overload and I can't deal with it, especially when it's tragic and, frankly, disgusting and people in positions of power are issuing inadequate responses (lookin' at you, Mr. President). My usual response is to run. When I say run, I mean I leave my house and run until I can't run anymore. Then, my husband has to come pick me up because I can't make it home and we eat some comfort food which, for me, is usually pho or curry. I know it's weird but, as far as coping mechanisms go, it's a pretty healthy one. I've logged a lot of miles and pretty much perfected my curry recipe since November. Yesterday it was raining so running wasn't an option. Inevitably, I turned to more news making myself feel even worse. News, like anything, can be overdone. And I have a tendency to overdo it. It's hard to balance staying informed and becoming obsessed. So, since I couldn't run, I decided to read a book.

Considering the state I was in, I should have read something dumb and unimportant like Twilight, but I chose The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. This. Book. It hit me hard. And then continued to hit me until the last page. IT IS SO GOOD. It's heartbreaking. It's timely. It's sometimes funny; not often, but enough to keep the reader from getting too depressed. The Hate U Give is about a sixteen-year-old named Starr who is African American. She is tasked with residing in two drastically different worlds; she lives in a poor neighborhood and attends a preppy, rich kid school where she is one of two African American students. Over spring break, she witnesses the fatal shooting of one of her best friends. He's an unarmed sixteen-year-old kid and he's shot to death by a police officer. Sound familiar? The Hate U Give approaches this story from all sides. Starr has a family member who is a police officer. Her father is a former gang member. She attends school with kids who assume, when they hear of the shooting and where the kid was from, that he must have been a drug dealer. Starr's in an interracial relationship, which her father isn't too pleased about initially. The author tackles the subject of protesting versus rioting and how one can very easily escalate to the other. They even discuss whether or not macaroni and cheese is a meal or a side dish. I told you it had a few funny moments. Side note: I'm totally in the full meal camp. Anything can be a full meal if you try hard enough. It's a fantastic book and people NEED to read it. Especially white people. It may just give you some perspective.

I was pleased to find out this is Angie Thomas' debut novel. I can't wait to see what she does next.

Okay, quick rundown of GoT:

Jon's a Targaryen. We know it. Drogon knows it. Sam would know it if he'd let Gilly finish her sentence.

I loved it when Gendry was like "What's up? I'm Robert's son. You're shorter than your pops." And Davos was like, "I literally just told you not to do that."

I'm glad Jaime is alive. I'm bummed Cersei is pregnant.

Watching Littlefinger watch Arya watch Littlefinger was great.

It was a great episode. I mean, any episode with Tormund is a great episode.

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