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School!! It's Finally Here!

Finally! It is the first day of school, and the little minions that have been a handful all summer go back to a schedule. Thankfully, mine have been excited about going back to school, though probably not as much as me.

After the stress of school supply shopping, and clothes shopping (which I'm not completely done with either) it's all finally in order for today. Though the first day comes with the usual stresses, getting the kiddos ready, feeding them breakfast, making lunches, getting them to the school on time, or on the bus on time, etc..

Then, after all of that, is the fun of making sure the kids get on the right bus, or being picked up on time. Or, they go to an after-school program, and making sure all of that is lined out.

But, even with all of this going on it's nice to be back on a set schedule again. They may not like it at first, but I'm sure glad for it. I'll finally be able to get stuff done, work, house work, reading, show-watching, the usual stuff that didn't get as much attention over the summer caught up on hahaha.

However, I too will be starting back to college next week so no rest for the weary. Though, it helps because the kids love that they can do their homework while I'm doing mine in the evenings. So, it works out in a way.

Hopefully everyone adjusts to the change, and the semester goes smoothly!

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