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History Meets Fiction

I finished another good book the other day. "Picture the Dead" by Adele Griffin and Lisa Brown is set during the civil war in America. While it is set in a historic period, the plot delves into the fictional world of ghosts and seances. This one has been sitting on my shelf for a while, and I just decided one day to read it. I had picked it up in a used bookstore simply because it sounded interesting. I'm a huge fan of ghost stories and mystery/thrillers.

A young woman finds out her beloved fiance has been killed in battle, and she is left to wonder what her life will be like now that he is gone. His brother survives, and she sets her mind to taking care of him while he heals from an injury. Things begin to happen after the parents of the deceased seek answers from a photographer who claims to understand the spirit world. Nightmares, symbols, and the truth begin to haunt the girl. She begins to seek out answers, but what she finds is worse than anything she could have imagined.

This book was a fairly easy read, but it was also captivating and full of well-worded imagery. The illustrations were also nice and added to the overall feel of the book. I enjoyed it, and I would suggest it for anyone who loves a good easy read and a haunting tale.

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