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Being Mooned on a Sunny Day!

While I was preparing for the first day of college, which included getting back into the swing of classes, the majority of the population was being mooned on a sunny day.

The over-talked about solar eclipse of 2017 was indeed fascinating and beautiful, but I feel a lot of people lost a few logical brain cells in the build up. Yes, looking directly into the sun is harmful to your eyes... that's common sense (or it should be). Yes, excessive exposure to the sun can cause skin irritation and sun-burns. And yes, the solar eclipse is a wonder of nature and part of the magic and beauty of our universe. However, I've seen some bizarre social media posts and inquiries that make me think some of the human population lacks proper understanding of common sense and the importance of its usage.

Some of the posts I saw included fear of being outside during the eclipse would cause people to be roasted alive, or that schools needed to be canceled for the day so children were safe. Now, I understand the fear of a child looking up at the sun if they notice adults showing interest in it, they're kids and are temporarily excused for impulsive actions such as that. But, I don't see the need to cancel school for the whole day for this when it will happen again in a few years. As far as being roasted, only if you stay in one spot for the whole day without sunscreen and the proper glasses; and even then a person won't "roast," they might just be crispy-crittered like they'd been at the pool or lake all day.

I mainly watched the peak of the eclipse on the NASA website and stayed in the air-conditioning. On the other hand, the first day of school was great and it looks to be a promising semester with some awesome professors. Even though I'm already feeling a little overwhelmed with the reading load, homework assignments, and future projects, I'm really excited about it all.

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