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Twin Peaks Thursday

I moved Twin Peaks day to make room for Dorothy Parker because she deserves her own day. She is literally the best.

Gross Cooper is driving down a creepy road. Maybe the road only seems creepy because he's on it? Anyway, he goes to the gas station from "Gotta Light?". That episode just keeps being important, which I kind of hate because it was so scary. He and a few shadow men go upstairs. We know from Fire Walk With Me that Bob and company lived above a convenience store. I assume this is it. Gross Cooper asks for Phillip Jeffries. They lead him to a motel and now everyone is talking backward. Phillip Jeffries is, of course, not there. He's using steam to communicate with Gross Cooper. He's essentially a teapot. Cooper asks Phillip about Judy but, as he said in FWWM, he's not going to talk about Judy at all. Plus, Phillip tells Cooper he's already met Judy. Coordinates appear in the teapot steam, I assume they're the coordinates for Twin Peaks. A phone rings, Cooper picks it up and is transported, through the phone, outside. Richard Horne, thinking this Cooper is THE Cooper, is now pointing a gun at Gross Cooper. Richard thinks he's a tough guy, but soon learns he isn't. Cooper handles him pretty easily, tells him to get in the truck so they can talk on the way. But he doesn't tell Richard where they're going. After they leave, the convenience store fills with light and steam before it vanishes.


Las Vegas

Dougie's having some delicious cake and trying to figure out how remotes work. I can relate. We have so many remotes. What do they even do? He accidentally turns on the TV, gets freaked out, then become fascinated with the electrical outlet. He sticks his fork in it. Of course he does.

The lady assassin shows up to kill the man who ordered the hit on Dougie in the first place. She's pretty good at her job. He and his assistant are both dead. She and her partner eat fast food in the van afterward. As you do, I guess.


Twin Peaks

Nadine has decided she no longer wants to keep Big Ed around since he's been in love with Norma forever. She apologizes profusely for being awful. And he's like, "It's fine. I've been having an affair basically the entire time we've been married". He immediately goes to the Double R to ask Norma to marry him. She agrees. Not even divorced yet and he's already planning a wedding.

Tweakers are tweaking. In the woods. With a gun. It all seems like a terrible idea. Yup. Terrible idea. For a minute, I thought he maybe shot a dog, but he didn't. I was relieved.

The Roadhouse. People seem genuinely excited about listening to ZZ Topp. James is there with his glove buddy and says hello to a woman. The woman's husband proceeds to beat the crap out of James. I understand the sentiment, but it's really unnecessary. Glove hand gets involved, punches the guy and his friend. And he destroys them. Glove hand and James have both been arrested. They're in weird company. The drunk man who never seems to get less drunk, the crooked cop, and the woman who has no eyes.

Log lady calls Deputy Hawk to tell him she's dying and to say goodbye. Hawk calls a late night meeting with the rest of the department to tell them about Margaret's passing. I'm going to miss Margaret. She wasn't in the show often, but I really, really liked her. I loved the relationship between she and Hawk. Everyone else assumed she was bonkers, and she kind of was, but Hawk always took her seriously. And, the thing is, she was always right.

Audrey and Charlie are still arguing about going to the Roadhouse to look for her boyfriend. I was really looking forward to the return of Audrey but, so far, her story line has been pretty uneventful. It's just she and her husband screaming at one another about her missing boyfriend. Also, I'm confused by the timeline because, the rest of the plots are moving forward, but this one, unless they've been having this conversation for a week, has gone no where.

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