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  • Kim C.

Food and Life

Can we take a moment and talk about food? Not only is it necessary for human survival, but society has put so much pressure on people to eat healthy and condemns those who don't.

First, I understand food that is freshly grown or raised is more expensive due to the cost of care, labor, and better quality. However, how can people on a tight budget be expected to be able to put out the extra money when it is more cost efficient to buy the manufactured products? It is a struggle that a good part of the populace deals with.

I love fast food, but I know it is NOT healthy in any way shape, form, or fashion. But, it is cheap and time saving to swing through a drive-thru. This is the trap of food.

I do my best to make healthier choices on what I eat, but it isn't easy. Produce from the store is fairly inexpensive but the quality is not always the best. Though, I guess it's better than just going with a cheeseburger that's dripping in grease.

All of this to say, we do our best to take care of ourselves. For some of us, our choices are limited. We still do our best and keep making the best decisions that are available at the time. There is no need for the shaming for what people choose to eat, because you don't know the full reason for that choice.

Let people enjoy their food, and you enjoy yours! :)

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