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  • Ryanne Harper

Behind Her Eyes

As my friend would say, it's a real psychological thriller. Behind Her Eyes was a fast-paced, quick read. I've seen a lot of comparisons to Gone Girl and I think that's fair. However, with Gone Girl, I guessed pretty early on that Amy was bad news bears. Don't get me wrong, I still devoured it; knowing Amy was manipulative and holds a grudge like no other didn't make it any less interesting. However, Behind Her Eyes had me guessing the entire time. Told from the alternating points of view of Adele and Louise, it's hard to determine who is manipulating whom and what exactly is going on. The big reveal at the end is even more surprising because it is quite far fetched. The absurdity of it didn't bother me. I don't mind a little lucid dream weirdness in my psychological thrillers.

Without giving too much away, the points of view alternates between Adele and Louise. Louise, a single mother looking to get back in the dating scene, meets a man at at bar. They hit it off, kiss, and then he mentions he's married. Well, dang. The following day, Louise goes to work; she's a part-time assistant at a psychiatric clinic. And guess who the new partner is? Yep. The man from the bar. He's touring the facility with his beautiful wife. Louise, doing what any normal person would do, hides in the bathroom until they leave. When they do eventually have to face one another, they decide to forget the night at the bar ever happened. This, of course, doesn't go well. After dropping her kid off at school, Louise literally bumps into Adele, the wife, knocking her to the ground. Even though she knows it's a bad idea, she goes to coffee with Adele and they become friends. Through their friendship, we learn a lot about David, the husband. Is he abusive, controlling, and manipulative or is Adele presenting him that way? Then there's the lucid dreaming stuff. Like I said, the plot gets a little weird and relies heavily on the fact that Louise is naive and makes a lot idiotic decisions, but it's so much fun that I'm not bothered at all by it.

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