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Reality TV Rant - Part 2?

Alright, this is going to be an ongoing back and forth of class inspired blogs this semester, I can see it! Back to the reality TV topic, this week we're discussing female representation in reality shows and the tropes that are overused. Oh Lord, here we go.

Every reality show has drama, but mainly it is drama from women. There are cat-fights, name calling, gossip, lies, shame, stupid comments, and the list goes on. If society were meant to glean the essence of womanhood, it is that women can't be trusted and they're dumb. My ears are probably smoking right now because this is the most ridiculous load of bull I've been made aware of. It should've been obvious, but I was just as ignorant to the point of reality shows as most audiences.

Now that my eyes have been opened to the absurdity of female depictions on reality TV, I'm in the mood for an extended rant. Let's start with the Bachelor because, come on, it's gossip central. The participants, as I've said before, are predominantly stereotypical bombshells. Some have esteemed careers, but that isn't talked about much. Instead, those who have attitudes, curvaceous bodies, little brains, and a knack for stirring up drama are the ones that stay on the longest. Producers have admitted that they intentionally ask questions to get the women to talk smack about other women, or the producers themselves will talk smack and spread rumors to start drama.

How about Big Brother? Yeah, that drama cesspool. This show is another instance of producers starting stuff to create the ratings-grabbing drama audiences want. Again, women are sometimes allowed to be seen with credible careers, or are hard-working, but man once that money starts being waved their pride goes out the window and they become stereotypical catty gold-diggers. Now, this is, in itself, a generalization because if any of the contestants show resistance to the producer's goals then they are removed for different reasons. There is no room for authenticity and morals in reality TV -- plain and simple.

There are so many other shows that can be listed: Jersey Shore (which I've never watched), Gypsy Sisters, all the Bachelor spin-offs, Survivor, The Anna Nicole Show, and so on. Women are not portrayed in a favorable light in pop-culture, especially in reality TV. Sadly, I don't see this trend ending anytime soon because it is a treasure trove of wealth and publicity. Reality shows are cheaper to make which is why there are so many of them now; they are cheap to make and can be made fairly quickly.

Basically, it's like this: cheap and easy = big money for those willing to lie and exploit.

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