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Happy Birthday, Stephen King!

Happy birthday to the king of horror! Having an overactive imagination, I don't read or watch horror much. I like the idea of it, but then, once it gets dark, I'm pretty sure I'm going to get murdered.

My first introduction to Stephen King was Pet Sematary. I was eleven years old and had no business reading such a scary book, but my folks are big on censoring reading material. Eleven was a big year for me. I also read 1984 and several other books I didn't completely understand the first time around. I vividly remember the night I finished reading about Church and little Gage. It was around midnight. My cat pushed my door open, hopped up on my bed, and started meowing at me. Because, obviously, Boots was possessed and was probably about to kill me. See what I mean about that overactive imagination?

A few years later, I decided to revisit King and tackled The Stand. It's a beast of a book; the longest one I've ever read. I opted for the twelve hundred page rerelease of course. I enjoyed it. I like a good post-apocalyptic tale. I mostly remember the older woman on the porch, Tom, and Flagg.

After The Stand, I dipped my toe in the Dark Tower series, but never finished it. I've read the first few, but quit for some reason. I got through all of five pages of The Shining before deciding I'd better not. I've read a few of his newer releases, but, though he's known for his horror, my favorite is The Eyes of the Dragon. It's a fantasy novel about a king who's adviser, Flagg, is plotting against him to ensure his youngest son, who is more easily manipulated, gets the throne rather than the eldest. It has a Game of Thrones feel without all the houses to keep track of.

Just this past weekend, I decided to watch the original IT miniseries. It wasn't that scary. Inspired by this recent surge of bravery, I decided to buy the book. I chose the ebook because my friend, Lauren, suggested I may need wrist supports if I read it in hardback or paperback. It's huge and, as soon as I wrap up The Sky is Everywhere, I'm delving into IT. I'm already a little nervous. But, in honor of King's birthday, I'm going to push aside my, in my mind, totally rational fear of clowns. We'll see how it goes.

Enjoy this epic rap battle, if you so choose. Warning: there is a little bit of bad language.

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