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TGIF=This Gets Irritating Fast!

It's Friday, Yay!!! Wait, a good majority of people still have to work on the weekends, so I guess Friday's aren't great for everyone. However, this isn't the only thing that gets irritating anymore. Warning, this might be a rant blog.

How about drivers? Why do people get so anxious while driving that they will nearly cause, or successfully cause, a wreck? This morning, while driving to school, I witnessed a person riding the tail-end of the car in front of them. I knew the potential hazards so I kept a safe distance, and sure enough, the car in front had to suddenly stop because of traffic and almost got rear-ended by the "smart one" behind him. Seriously people, there is no reason to follow that close to another car... period.

How about people in upper level college classes asking stupid questions that are more suited for incoming freshmen? Come on, by your junior or senior year you should know the basic expectations for classes, where to find the syllabus, how not to annoy the professor and fellow classmates, and you should also know in which classroom you're suppose to be in. I have an overwhelming desire to smack people with nerf-bats when they ask stupid questions, or when they ask a question that the professor JUST got done explaining. Shut your mouth, open your ears, and you might learn something... just saying.

So, for those who have the weekend off, yay for you and enjoy your down time; but, please don't be a jerk to anyone or else that person's weekend will suck. If you're like me and have to work this weekend, don't be a jerk while at work for the same reason as previously stated. It's also the beginning of the month, people are going to be going nuts with foodstamps, WIC, social security income and anything else that gets sent out at the first of the month, don't be jerks... the end.

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