• Kim C.

Why Does Christmas Come So Early?

Another semi-rant, though this one is not centered on my college classes.

I work in retail, and we have three Christmas displays with trees and everything already up. They've been up since mid-August. Still, there are people that come in and say something along the lines of "Christmas stuff already?" or "Can't we get through Halloween first?"

Well, let me tell you I wish we could and yes it's out way early, but you want to know why? Walmart. Sam Walton wanted to allow people to put Christmas stuff on layaway in September so they would be able to have it all by November and be able to set it all up by December. He was focused on the needs of his customers, and oriented his successful business towards the needs and wants of the people. However, Walmart has only brought back layaway strictly for Christmas gifts but there for a while they had done away with it altogether.

Mr. Walton did not do things strictly for profit, but it seems the business has gone that route in the last couple of decades. Since Walmart still puts Christmas stuff out early, then other businesses have to as well to keep up with marketing and competitive sales. It's just how our society is, I'm sorry it's annoying to you, but please don't make the lives of retail workers harder because it's not their fault.

Otherwise, holiday season is upon us and I hope everyone is safe and courteous during your shopping and browsing adventures.

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