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Happy Birthday, R.L. Stine!

Yesterday was R.L. Stine's birthday; responsible for Goosebumps and the Fear Street series, Stine is basically Stephen King for children. I discovered my love of R.L. Stine as a tween. He shaped both my love for rompers and my genuine fear that, one day, my house will murder me. Thanks, 99 Fear Street; that trilogy legitimately scared me. Honestly, it still kind of scares me. I was also scared of babysitting, going on vacation, and school dances. It never occurred to me to NOT read his books, I just spent most of my time scared of pretty normal things.

So, everyone knows him for his horror books, but prior to publishing Blind Date in 1986, he wrote humor books and produced a magazine called Bananas under the name Jovial Bob Stine. AND, best of all, he was the co-creator and head writer for Nickelodeon's Eureeka's Castle. I LOVED Eureeka's Castle.

Whether you know him as Jovial Bob or R.L. Stine, there's no denying he's made a huge impact on children and young adult literature.

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