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  • Ryanne Harper, Jessica Ritchie, & Kim C.

Creepiest Books We've Ever Read - 10/31

In honor of Halloween, we collaborated to bring you a list of the creepiest books we've ever read. Besides Goosebumps and Fear Street, obviously.

Ryanne's List:

Something Wicked This Way Comes is about a murder carnival. Two young boys, Jim Nightshade and William Halloway, are excited to go to the carnival passing through their town. Turns out, though, the carnival is fueled by the life force of the people enslaved there. So, yeah, it's way creepier than your average carnival. They manage to face their fears and escape the carnival, but will likely need therapy for the rest of their lives.

Pet Sematary scared the bejeezus out of me. It also forever confused me in regards to the correct spelling of cemetery. First of all, I was too young to be reading King, but I read it anyway. Secondly, I had a cat at the time and my over active brain assumed my cat was actually a zombie cat set on killing me. Oddly enough, I had a roommate in college whose cat actually DID try to kill me. More than once. Jessica an attest to that*.

Behind Her Eyes is more of a psychological thriller than a horror novel. It did creep me out, though, so it made the list. And that plot twist. It's so absurd that you'll never see it coming. But it's also good enough that the absurdity didn't bother me one bit.

Jessica's List:

The Green Ribbon from In a Dark, Dark Room and Other Scary Stories.

* I can absolutely attest to the fact that Ryanne's roommate's cat attempted to smother her on multiple occasions.

In a Dark, Dark Room was the first "scary" book I ever read, and The Green Ribbon traumatized me for a long, long time. I was only five or six when I read it, which is probably why I had nightmares about it into early adulthood.

Heart Shaped Box

I don't usually read horror. I don't dislike it, but I don't love it the way I do other genres. That being said, I LOVE Heart-Shaped Box. The story is centered around Judas Coyne, a retired rock star who's dedicated the remainder of his life to collecting the most obscenely morbid "keepsakes" he can find. He's contacted by an online seller and purchases a haunted burial suit. It arrives in a heart-shaped box and a deeply sinister and, unbeknownst to Judas, carefully premeditated haunting ensues.

Judas's dogs are "familiars" that can see the spirit haunting the suit and protect Judas from him. I related to this detail, because I've lived simultaneously with a ghost and a dog and I'm quite sure the dog saw the ghost, even though I couldn't. (I did see things move on their own and unplugged electronics spontaneously come to life. Occasionally, acoustic guitar music could be heard coming from my closet. Things got so weird, I had to move. Ryanne can attest to this**.)

Flash forward a decade from my haunted apartment experience and I'm sitting in my recliner at three in the morning, reading Heart-Shaped Box. Judas's dogs have saved him from the spirit a handful of times. Suddenly, my dogs jump from dead sleep to attack mode with absolutely no provocation. They were both fixated on some invisible threat that, based on where their eyes were locked, seemed to be sitting on the middle of my couch. They spent the next three hours viciously growling and biting at something I couldn't see. I spent the first hour trying to calm them down and the next two debating whether or not I should call a priest and request an exorcism. When the sun finally came up, the dogs relaxed and went to sleep as quickly as they'd jerked awake, and I finished reading this book. That's how good it is. Read it, but only when the sun is up and other people are home.

**It's true - Ryanne

Kim's List:

The Oath - Frank E. Perreti

This was the very first book so scare me so badly that I jumped from reading it. It's captivating, thrilling, mysterious, and creepy from the first page.

The reader follows a wild-life specialist who is determined to find out the truth of his brother's death, which everyone in the area claims to be a viscous bear attack. The truth is hidden deep in the area's origins, and is more unbelievable than he could ever imagine possible. Highly recommended!

The Asylum Series - Madeline Roux

I've blogged before about this series, and it bares repeating for the scariest books read list. Following three teens through an old asylum, a carnival, and then into the dark depths of New Orleans, the books are creepy and offer plenty of twists and unexpected turns.

House of Furies - Madeline Roux

Another of Madeline Roux's works, and just as creepy as her Asylum series. This tale follows a young girl, who is not like everyone else in the world, and how she finds an unexpected place of belonging. I loved reading this because it was not only an easy read, but it was creepy and well written.

in a dark, dark wood - Ruth Ware

While being Ruth Ware's first mystery release, it was an interesting read from beginning to end. It was creepy, and had me guessing what was about to happen the whole way through. A group of women, and a guy, are staying a couple of days in a house for a friend's Hen Party. Instantly things don't seem right, but no one is willing to leave for fear of upsetting the bride to be. But when someone is hurt, and others are not acting within their right minds, it's almost too late for the others to escape.

As you can probably tell we have a fairly diverse and expansive tastes in books, and this is only a small list of what we have read and enjoy. But these are the ones we have determined are the creepiest books we've read, and now we suggest them to everyone who would like to be creeped out while reading.

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