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We've Decorated for Christmas - Already

This past weekend was Holiday Open House for most of the downtown businesses. We rent office space from Belle Starr, which looked amazing, so we decided to decorate for Christmas as well. Maybe it was the fact that it was eighty two degrees or maybe it was that Halloween was just the day before, but I wasn't feeling it. At all. Jessica was overjoyed because she loves Christmas decorations, but I could have stood to wait another month.

I did get to make this awesome book tree, so there's that. I knew my Books-A-Million training would be useful in the real world.

I guess it's my eight years of retail that ruined Christmas for me. Over the course of those years, I had things thrown at me, I have ruined several peoples' Christmases because they waited until Christmas Eve to shop and we were out of things, had Thanksgiving taken away from me because people need to shop, apparently.

My problem with Christmas isn't Christmas itself, it's the general public during Christmas that I don't like. But, it's getting better. Each year, I enjoy it just a little bit more.

And, Christmas with my family is a little unconventional. Instead of the typical meal, we have a shrimp boil. It's delicious and no one has to get up at two in the morning to start cooking nor does anyone have to spend hours doing dishes after.

So, despite my reluctance to decorate the office for Christmas, I have to admit, Jessica did a great job and the book tree is adorable. Those Norton Anthologies are looking all right. I love a good Norton Anthology.

Whether I like it or not, Christmas season is upon us. I may as well embrace it. In fact, I'm currently knitting a Christmas stocking. You can special order them here. And I'm actually considering having my dad, owner and operator of Holiday Illuminations, hang lights on my house. He does a beautiful job and you can have lights too! Check out his website. I'm succumbing to the Christmas cheer, but I draw the line at egg nog. I don't care how much rum you put in it, it's gross.

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