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Local Events

There's a lot happening in the next few days. I'm sure I'll fail to mention most things. As Gale Snoats* once said, "So many social engagements, so little time." In fact, I'm focusing on events I'll likely go to.

*Gale Snoats is a character in Raising Arizona, arguably Nicolas Cage's finest work. Gale is played by John Goodman. It's hilarious.

December 7th

Fort Smith Little Theatre

Catch their off-season production of An Old Time Radio Christmas. The show starts at 7:30 and it's $5 at the door. Old fashioned Christmas joy is promised.

If you haven't been to the Little Theatre, you're really missing out. Check out their 2018 season. You can do that here. While there, get yourself some season tickets. I know they're doing Little Foxes. I've not seen the movie, but I hear Bette Davis's character is ice cold and gives great side eye.

Yeagers Hardware Ladies Night

I know it seems weird that Yeagers has a ladies night, but they do. If you're a lady, you should totally go. They have door prizes and sales. All the sales. The doors open at 6:30.

The weekend

I think there are Christmas parades. I'm not sure. I was once an unknowing participant in a totally unauthorized parade. Meaning there was no permit; the city had no idea it was happening. It was just a couple hundred people in costume walking down streets. In traffic. The costumes had no theme, everyone came dressed as whatever they wanted. I remember one family's theme was people who break into your house and leave you stuff. They were dressed as Santa, the Easter bunny, and the tooth fairy. Adorable. After that, normal parades seem, well, boring. Speaking of boring, my only plans this weekend are to run and knit.

December 11th


As some of you may remember, the New York Times did a piece on the mosque vandalism that took place in Fort Smith in late 2016. If you haven't read it, you should. The original story can be found here.

The journalist is returning to Fort Smith. She's giving a lecture FOR FREE at UAFS. The event info can be found here.

Some other things you can do:

Sign up for the Beginner's Yoga Workshop at Seva Yoga and Wellness.

Run in True Grit's Holiday Hustle. It's for charity!

Watch Little Foxes, decide you love it, and buy FSLT season tickets.

I hear people say all the time that there's nothing to do in Fort Smith. That simply isn't true. You just have to go do it.

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