• Ryanne Harper

New Year Resolutions. Nah.

When it comes to resolutions, I'm all over the place. Some years, I'm like "get abs" and then I don't do a single thing to get the abs. Other years, I go with things I know I can accomplish that require no work, really. Like, read more. Reading more isn't hard for me so it doesn't count. I've tried to diet or do workout challenges, but I never follow through. Also, I already workout and eat pretty well. And, technically, I already have abs. In the way that everyone has abs. The muscles exist, I just can't see them. And that's totally fine. So, this year, the only resolution type thing I've made is to not work on New Year's Day, which I am failing at miserably. The plan was to go hiking with my husband and dogs. I ended up with a pretty nasty cold so we're watching GoT and I'm, well, working at little bit, which is fine because my job is fun. Also, I read an article on Pinterest about how, if you part your hair differently, your personality will change. So far, nothing. I've parted down the middle and I'm exactly the same person I was when my hair was parted on the right. Whether you make resolutions or not, don't be too hard on yourself.


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