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Birthdays All Around!

Virginia Woolf was born January 25, 1882 into an affluent London family. Unlike so many of her colleagues, Woolf achieved notoriety during her lifetime. She was a well-known member of London's literary society, a member of the exclusive Bloomsbury Group, and ran a publishing house with her husband. Despite this, her bouts with mental illness got the best of her and she committed suicide by drowning in 1941. Today, Virginia Woolf is considered one of the most prominent modernist writers of the 20th century, she pioneered the stream of consciousness as a narrative device movement, and is hailed as a feminist role model.


Charles Dodgson, more commonly known as Lewis Carroll, was born on January 27, 1832. He is best known for the Alice books but, before writing, he attended Oxford where he excelled at maths and later became a professor. In fact, it was at Oxford that he meet, and befriended, the Liddel family. While he was friendly with the entire family, he took an interest in Alice Liddel, the rumoured inspiration for Alice in Wonderland and most of Carroll's other works. He vehemently denied that the books were based on the real Alice, though, he did supposedly write them for her. So, naturally, everyone assumes she was the muse. His denial could have been in part because, when Alice was eleven, he expressed an interest in marrying her when she was old enough. The family cut ties almost immediately. As they should have. It is interesting to note that, though Dodgson kept a journal, the years in which he was friendly with the Liddel family appear to be missing. Therefore, much of his relationship with Alice is speculation and has been the subject of several fiction novels such as Alice I Have Been and Still She Haunts Me.

Dodgson remained at Oxford as a lecturer and continued writing in the literary nonsense genre as well as academia books on maths until his death in 1898.


Today is my cousin's birthday. Happy Birthday, Raven!

She lives in Texas so I don't see her as often as I'd like, but we keep in touch via Snapchat, which I don't understand at all. I need a true Millennial to teach me.

Raven and I will have radio silence for a while, then she'll post on my wall something like "Remember the other day when you ate my tooth?" and then she disappears again. First of all, it was not "the other day"; it was, like, 28 years ago. Secondly, I thought it was an onion. So, yes, I did eat her tooth, but not on purpose and not the other day. She also likes to randomly text me lyrics from songs we sang at Girls Club. So, for days after, I'll have "Fried ham, fried ham, cheese, and bologna" stuck in my head.

She's basically the best cousin anyone could ask for and I hope she has a great birthday!

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