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While We Were Away

Over the weekend, I saw Little Foxes at the Fort Smith Little Theatre. I enjoyed it. Set in the south in the early 1900s, the story revolves around what can only be described as the worst trio of siblings ever. Everyone else is pretty decent, accept maybe Leo. Although, his dad is truly awful so he doesn't stand much of a chance. Anyway, the trio of siblings have an opportunity to make a lot of cash, but they need Horace, who is married to the horrible sister, to pull it off. When he refuses, it becomes a story of betrayal and greed. It was really well done and the set was to die for. You still have a few chances to check it out.

Yesterday, after doing some work, I bought an amazing sheep painting at Remember When Antique Mall. I'm pretty partial to Belle Starr Antiques, but Remember When is a close second. Based solely on this painting, I have decided to paint our bedroom dark grey and also do a black accent wall. Thus turning this painting I got a really great deal on into an expensive, tedious project. So, just a normal day for me.

To make husband feel better about the upcoming painting, we saw Justice League at the Malco Trio. I love the Malco Trio. It's usually empty, the employees genuinely don't care if you sneak snacks in, the seats are so worn out that it's a bit of a challenge to sit down without feeling like you're being thrown forward of that you're falling. The movie was not good. Not really. It may be that I'm over hero movies. The only one I'm interested in is Black Panther. My favorite part of JL was when they were fighting Steppenwolf (hilarious name for a villain) and the Flash went full-on Burt Reynolds. Like, why are you lying there like that and why did they feel the need to show it twice?

^Full-on Burt Reynolds. The Flash wasn't naked, but it was still awkward.

Anyway, it's Tuesday and that means it's new release day. Here's a full list of new books out today.

A special edition of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell is on the list. I read the plain edition and loved it. Rainbow Rowell is one of my favorites. I wish she wrote books with the speed of James Patterson while maintaining the level of writing I've come to expect from her. I don't think it's possible, but one can dream. Speaking of Jimmy Pat, he's on the list. Of course he is. He writes an average of twenty-four books a year. I have to admit, I've never read a Jimmy Pat. It's hard for me to believe the man can write more books in a year than most people write in a lifetime and they still manage to be decent. But maybe. I'll probably never find out.

Okay, so, that's what happened while we were away. Now we're back; working on grant applications and slinging books.

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