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I'm so glad the sun finally came out. I've been a little down lately. It's a combination of the weather and all the social media fighting. I'm not fighting, but I'm reading about the fighting so I may as well be fighting. Anyway, it rained A LOT last week so I spent most of my weekend indoors.

My book club meeting got cancelled, which is fine because we were supposed to read Tropic of Cancer and I just can't with that guy. So, instead, I rediscovered my love of Adventure Time. I also finished two books I was reading, started and finished a book, and started three more. Because I'm insane. More on that (the books, not the insanity) later. I'll do a reading challenge update soon.

One of my friends is moving away. Sad. So, as a send off, she and I, along with another friend went to dinner Saturday. While discussing Pretty Little Liars, because what else would three women in their mid to late thirties talk about, dolls came up. There are a lot of terrifying dolls in PLL. I casually mentioned that my mother has a doll with my face on it. They both gasped and took a step back. That's when I realized it actually crossed their minds that my soul is trapped inside this horrific doll, which would explain why my mom keeps it. Makes perfect sense to me.

I ruined a vintage trench coat and now my house smells like several grandmothers.

I cried a lot in the Aldi's parking lot because This American Life was all about deceased pets. I only caught the David Sedaris portion and the very end so I'll have to give it a listen later. So I can cry again. Some of the crying may have been shopping-related. To me, there is a very clear shopping order at Aldi's and people were not following it at all. There was also a lot of parking in non-parking spots.

I attempted the Sunday New York Times crossword. If you ever want to feel dumb and inadequate, that'll do it.

I had a busy weekend and it looks like the week ahead is going to be busy, too. Which is great. Today is all about getting grant money for a couple of rad local business owners, doing a final proof for a book release tomorrow, and anticipating reading a second draft of another book. Based on the first draft, it's going to be really good and I can't wait to read it. Speaking of, we're constantly looking for beta readers. If you're interested, send us a message.

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