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Heart of the Matter

Hi, guys! We are quickly approaching the anniversary of my release date. To celebrate, I've discounted Heart of the Matter books 1 and 2!

The Heart of the Matter tells the story of Amelia and Brady. The conclusion of their story will be released later this year.

Amelia Burke is confident she has her priorities straight. She has very little savings and even less free time, but the satisfaction she gets from working with at-risk youth is well worth the sacrifices. While she’s focused on changing the world, destiny, in the form of a handsome stranger, steps in and changes her life.

Brady Kearney is the kind of man most women dream about: sexy and charming, with the kind of confidence that only comes from being born into old money. As heir to Texas’s wealthiest oil family, Brady’s accustomed to getting what he wants. And he wants Amelia. Unfortunately, he also wants to tear down the youth center she works for to make way for condominiums.

Amelia is outraged by Brady’s plans, but unable to resist the growing heat between them. She gives in to her desires and learns there’s more to Brady than what meets the eye. They grow closer and Amelia begins to trust they have a future together. But then, their two very different worlds collide in a shocking act of violence that threatens to tear them apart forever.

Amelia Burke is certain of two things: her student, Johnny, is innocent of the crimes he’s been accused of, and her boyfriend, Brady, is keeping secrets. As the case against Johnny unfolds, deep ties to Brady’s family and fortune are revealed. Overwhelmed and uncertain of who she can trust, Amelia ends her relationship and focuses on helping to prove Johnny’s innocence.

Crushed by Amelia’s decision, Brady takes action to prove he’s worthy of Amelia’s trust. He takes a public stand against his father and sets plans in action to save the Reynold’s center and secure Johnny’s freedom. But he quickly learns there are people in his life who will stop at nothing to keep certain truths hidden, and the results are catastrophic.

You can buy the books or sign up for my advanced reader's list here.

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