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New Releases!

I have no idea what's out today because I've been way too busy listening to the My Favorite Murder podcast and also working on a pretty important grant proposal. So, I'm wingin' it.

Part one of a three part graphic novel adaptation of Neil Gaiman's American Gods is out today. I have mixed feelings about Neil Gaiman; I like him as a person, I don't really like his writing. I imagine this illustrated adaptation is beautiful, though.

And, after a seven day hiatus, Jimmy Pat is back! He has not only a brand new hardback, Fifty Fifty, coming out today, but also a TWO paperbacks coming out today. I like to pretend he's tripled down because I called him out last week. It's not. He has no idea I called him out.

If you do go for a paperback new release, skip the Jimmy Pat and go for Small Great Things instead. I've not read Jimmy Pat, but I can guarantee Small Great Things is better.

Also out in paperback today:

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders

I've read both of ^these. Well, I listened to them. Neil Gaiman reads Norse Mythology and it's lovely because he has the BEST voice. Lincoln in the Bardo is read by Nick Offerman and David Sedaris, which I thought I would love because they have great voices. But, it's also read by, seriously, over one hundred other people so it's intense. I should have probably read it instead of listened.

Super short post, but I'm busy today and, like I said, totally did not prepare for this.


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