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Weekend Recap

Friday was the most insane. It was mostly hanging out in a waiting room while strangers hung all over the back of my chair and crunched ice in my ear like total savages. That was followed with getting stuck in a weird circle of phone calls at the pharmacy. Once we finally got home, we watched Apt Pupil, which was just as cringey and disturbing as I expected it to be. As off putting as the Nazi and psychopath were, neither held a candle to David Schwimmer's mustache. Why, David? WHY?

Friday was terrible, but I was lucky enough to attend DiaCON Alley of the Ozarks on Saturday. IT WAS BASICALLY THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! As my husband would say, I ventured pretty deep in the dork forest. So many Harry Potter enthusiasts. We had a blast. I didn't dress up because I'm not as much fun as I used to be but, I was inspired and plan to go all out next year. Because of my naturally angry face, I make a great Bellatrix. Because of my affinity for layers, weird clothes, and huge glasses, I make a great Trelawney. So, look out. I'm totally bringin' it next year. Saturday was so rad that I sort of forgot how insane Friday was.

When your frands are 6'2", you let them stand in front. Also, Samantha killed it with her Madame Maxine and I felt that needed to be featured. Anyway, Saturday was amazing and I'm already looking forward to next year. Huge shout out to the organizers and also to Logan Staff (not his real name) for the generous wine pours. I was on the verge of a panic because of the crowd size, but was saved by wine and pizza.

Yesterday I went to yoga and did two poses I've never been able to do before so that was rad. I think it was equal parts the new drills class, Flight Club, which I'm not 100% sure I'm supposed to talk about, and the fact that the class was inspired by Brett Michaels. Whatever the reason for the breakthroughs, it was nothin' but a good time. <Ha. I crack myself up.

This is basically me all the time:

I also listened to a ton of My Favorite Murder. It's a podcast about murder. Obviously. This inspired Chris to tell about how he was almost kiddynapped by George Kent Wallace. Thankfully, Chris is naturally suspicious of everyone and managed to not get murdernapped. The guy was eventually caught. You can read all about it on the internets.

But, every rose has its thorn just like every night has its dawn, and, alas, the weekend has ended. Thanks to my neurotic dog, I've been awake since 2:30. IN THE MORNING. Today is full of grant writing and probably coffee. So many grants to wrap up. Our clients are going to get all of the money. Hopefully. They all deserve it.

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